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tough timesI’ve been down and out before… many times than
I care to remember.

I broke my arm badly a few years ago and after
expensive surgery with metal screws and plates, I was
told I would never get full movement back in my arm.

I didn’t listen.

3 months later, I walked into my surgeon’s office
flexing my arm like a proud bodybuilder showing a full
range of motion and then some.

…. I was told that I would probably fail my third year at
university because I missed so much of it due to illness.

I didn’t listen.

By the end of that year, my name appeared in the national
newspaper as one of the top achievers in my course.

… My grandfather who suffered from Alzheimer’s went for
a walk one day… and got lost. The police came back later to
say it was getting dark and it was impossible to find him
until morning.

I didn’t listen.

I kept driving around – looking…

And then I found him… 2 hours later, cold, shivering and

I was told later that if I had not found him that night, he’d
have probably died overnight from exhaustion, starvation
and the cold.

…. Just over 2 years ago, I was broke, destitute and could have
been homeless if not for the support of my parents. Bankruptcy
seemed like the only option.

I didn’t listen.

Within 6 months I’d cleared the bulk of my debts, gotten
my creditors off my back and was moving forwards again.

Bankruptcy be damned!

Ok, so what’s the point Niro?

Simple… and this is something that many of us struggle with

Bad stuff happens to good people.

There are a lot of people out there who say that if you just
think good stuff, you’ll only get good stuff.

Horse’s ass!

Bad stuff happens. Accept it.

And when you are down and out… when things are at
their worst, there will be people (perhaps with good intentions)
who tell you to just give up and accept it.

Don’t listen.

Don’t give up.

Don’t throw in the towel.

Here’s the truth – if something bad happens to you, it’s because
you are supposed to learn something like perhaps how to handle rejection… and then do something.

That’s it. There isn’t anything more magical than that.

Look, at times I know that things happen that are completely
out of your control… and it sucks.

I lost a close friend of mine a few years ago. He went to bed
and just never woke up. I was holding the books he wanted to
borrow off me that morning when I found out.

It sucked! It wasn’t my fault… and it certainly wasn’t his.

But it was no reason for me to get all grumpy… or think life
sucks and allow myself to just be pushed around by the
whims of fate.

No way!

You look for the lesson – you get smarter and you
get stronger!

From my friend who died so young, I learned that
life is fragile.

Value it.

From my broken arm, I learned that your body can

Look after it.

From my grandfather who got lost, I learned how
valuable your health is.

Treasure it.

When I was told, I’d probably fail my university degree,
I learned that the system was flawed.

Screw it.

And when I was facing bankruptcy, I learned that my
ego, my greed and my impatience were a triple threat
to my happiness, my wealth and my relationships.

So I’m trying to squash them (I’ll let you know when I
get there :-) )

Yet from all of this, I learned the most valuable lesson
of all.

Never give up, not matter how tough things get. You
can get through it even if you initially think you can’t.

Believe me! Persistence is the key.

In the words of Winston Churchill’s great speech…

But for everyone, surely, what we have gone through
in this peril — I am addressing myself to the
School — surely from this period of ten months,
this is the lesson:

Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never,
never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty
– never give in, except to convictions of honour and
good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the
apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

My final thoughts are this:
Bad stuff happens to us all. It sucks but it’s true. But
what determines the course of your life is what you
do about it.

If you constantly suffer from a bad attitude towards
life, then check out my post “7 tips on how to change
your attitude from negative to positive

Some guy once said that “all good things
must come to an end.”

He was an idiot!

Why? Because he only gave us half the truth.

The second half is more important.

“All bad times must also come to an end… eventually”.

That’s it from me,


PS: If you think this rant can help someone going
through tough times, do them a favour and share
this on facebook, twitter on stumbleupon. Thanks!

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